Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that there are few things more frustrating and potentially devastating falling victim to a ripoff while on vacation, particularly when it involves money. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that tourists can be marked as easy targets, and is providing the following tips in hopes that using they will help members avoid being victims.

First off, it is recommended that before agreeing to any service that involves money, members research the company or service being offered. Look for reviews online and ask around where you are staying.

One common complaint is that tourists and guests don’t receive something that was promised, which happens frequently with tours and chartered fishing trips – both of which can be pricey. If a company says it has a secret fishing spot that only it knows of, or its last charter trip scored an unreasonable amount of fish, red flags should be raised. Sometimes companies will offer to add something special to a trip for an extra fee. This too is suspect and customers should decline.

There are many reputable vacation club providers out there. Unfortunately, there are also scammers that set up shop and make off with a great deal of money by ripping off tourists. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggest getting plenty of details about properties – arrange a tour and don’t be pushed into hasty decisions.

Public transportation in some tourist towns is minimal. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club cautions members to find taxis that are known to be honest. Some countries do not regulate what taxi drivers can charge, and it’s easy to get ripped off and pay an incredibly high rate for a short trip. Again, researching transportation options beforehand is advised. If possible, take a shuttle provided by the resort or hotel.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club takes its job seriously and wants to protect its members from being taken advantage of while vacation. Doing research and planning ahead can help travelers avoid most scams and ripoffs. For more details on booking a world-class vacation, visit