Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club provides families from all around the world with the vacations of their dreams each year. Take time out of your busy schedule to experience high class luxury like never before, enjoying fantastic accommodations, world-class amenities and of course, customer service that is unparalleled. In fact, our customer service team hopes these packing tips will help vacationers prepare even more. Here are some of our favorites.


  • Jewelry: Even if you don’t need any medication throughout the time of your trip, purchasing a pill container might be a handy thing. This item can be used to store and sort all your jewelry, and will prevent these items for being lost in luggage. Also, for longer necklaces that seem to get tangled no matter what, thread the piece through a straw in order to save
  • Cell Phones: Every traveler knows that dealing with a dying (or dead) phone while on the go can cause problems. For all those out there who seem to lose their charger, store all necessary cables in an old sunglasses case. This can prevent them getting wrapped up together and will also help you keep track of them.
  • Clothing: Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares to roll your clothes instead of folding for two prime reasons. Number one, it saves a lot of space, making room for more of your favorite outfits. Secondly, this also causes less wrinkles, which will save time spent ironing for more fun vacation activities. Stick a dryer sheet inside for amazingly fresh-smelling duds, and last but not least, avoid storing shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc. (anything liquid and basically that can and could explore) inside your luggage with all your clothing.