Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that once the snow starts falling in other North American destinations, the Dominican Republic remains warm and sunny as always. The winter months become the Dominican Republic’s highest tourist season supported by travelers who are ready to escape the inhospitable cold water conditions. Most of the Dominican destinations boast of action packed winter activities that include cultural festivals, celebrations and plenty of recreational options. Though the popular winter months have a higher travel rate but those traveling on a budget can also find plenty of value deals if they make advance reservations.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that though the holidaymakers may not get to enjoy a White Christmas experience in Dominican destinations but they sure will spend plenty of time on its beaches, cool as crystal waters, exploring and enjoying water sports and new destinations. Tourists get to scuba dive, snorkel and discover the underwater splendors of the blue turquoise waters that it is surrounded with. Enjoying the luxury and relaxation in its beautiful resorts tourists come out re-energized and ready to face the challenges of their daily work life. The couples looking for a romantic escape in Dominican destinations will get to enjoy its secluded beaches and loads of recreational facilities that they will love to indulge in together.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club and resorts are expanding since their inception in 1995 as they are situated in a hurricane free zone and create a summertime environment that really attracts tourist form all over the world. The guests of the resort can enjoy the in- house facilities, recreational facilities and also have the option of going on snorkeling, whitewater rafting, helicopter tours and play in its expertly designed golf courses that can be found in and around the resort area. These stylish club like resorts are situated on  coastal spots offering tourists its beautiful beaches, and miniature city of attractive hotels These resorts have seen massive success even in these difficult economic conditions all due to its retroactive and unwavering customer service.