Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club say that Backpacking and Camping are the two great outdoor recreational activities that all nature loving tourist want to experience. Whether it is an exciting youth who wants to hike along the natural landscape with a good pair of shoes, or a mother with three exciting kids who wants to take them on a day hike to enjoy fresh air, enjoying backpacking trips with your backpack slung over your shoulders brings you in touch with nature and the primitive human culture.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that planning a solo camping trip can be a real fun exercise. Moreover in doing just as you please without having to take anyone else’s wishes into consideration is eth added advantage. You can think without distraction, meet fellow campers and make new friends. People who want to go solo camping should practice pitching up their tents so that you don’t have difficulty while pitching them while you are solo camping. They should also try to filter some water and practice lightening up their stoves to measure how to operate. But if you are an experienced solo camper you don’t need to practice unless you have untried equipment.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that whether you are on public campground or on a trail you should be aware of your physical surroundings, the people and the wildlife. It is necessary that backcountry campers and hikers should carry a Bear spray in an easily accessible pouch because when you need it, you will not have to dig for it. Carrying a compass and map and letting your friends at home know your itinerary, whether you are planning camping or a backcountry trip is best as this way they know your whereabouts. You also need to inform them of your intended route, departure and return time. When traveling alone you also need to take care of all your needs and carrying a first aid survival kits is also essential. Follow these helpful camping trips to enjoy an exciting outdoor camping experience.