When traveling to the Dominican Republic you can imagine a bountiful beaches and restaurants to keep you busy during your stay. The northern coast of the country doesn’t have as calm of a sea as the rest of the country but is great for boogie boarding, windsurfing and para-sailing  These are some of the favorite activities mentioned by Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club guests.

One of the towns in the Dominican Republic, Cabrete is a beautiful town for tourists who like to go kite boarding, since the beach there is great for those activities. Nearby beaches like Samana and Sousa are great for those taking long walks on the shore with their loved ones. Be mindful of the currents at the beaches you are visiting in this country since not all of the beaches are the same, and the currents can sweep you away.

Sports activities and entertainment in the Dominican Republic are also a great way to spend your time on your vacation. There are places that offer snorkeling for those not as adventurous as those who prefer to surf. Surfing and kite-boarding is another favorite pastime of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guests and locals in the area.

For those who are done with swimming and water activities can head out to the mainland for some safari excursions. There is also a place called the Ocean World Adventure Park at Playa Confresi to keep your day busy with family fun. The park has a wide variety of attractions that will surely entertain the whole family. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guests that visit with their family enjoy activities and entertainment like what Ocean World Adventure Park has to offer.