Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is considered by many to be the gold standard of resort experiences in the world. Located in the Dominican Republic with locations in Peurto Plata and also Punta Cana. This resort has it all. Luxury at every level that suits everyone’s needs. The reason this resort has exceeded in so many ways is the service and the quality it delivers.
The restaurant choice is abundant with Gourmet Cuisine offered at most restaurants to having such delicious tidbits as  Crepes on the beach or a burger and fries the options are many. Every Sunday the resort hosts a party for its members and there guests with top Vegas style entertainment designed to give you an outstanding experience like no other.
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offer a multitude of resort amenities that will always keep guests occupied no matter what the age may be. Quite often you will see families of three generations visiting the resort spending quality time together and bonding that can only be done while everyone is together, enjoying whatever they like. That’s one of the best feature something for everyone. Multiple options give members choices that other resorts can’t begin to offer.
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers so many that one can’t begin to experience all that is available for one seven-night stay. This is one of the reasons the resort receives so much repeat business is that members consider this there home away from home. With one of there sayings” Tell it Only to Your Best Friends,” this seems to hold true. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club hold its standards high, and the staff at the Dominican Republic are the most hospitable in the world they are kind-hearted and eager to please, and most regulars have become first name friends with them and thus enhances the experiences because it becomes a family affair. When Looking for your next vacation and your expectations are high and won’t settle for anything than the best, look no further Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has you covered. They never disappoint and always show their guests and members the time of there lives. remember life can be short vacation memories last a forever.
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