Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has quickly become the first choice in the Dominican Republic and is considered by many to be the gold standard. The levels of membership offer so many choices for all type of traveller some seek fun in the sun and drinks and great food while others seek a cut above with opulence and luxury that has been redefined.

Heres is what a few of our members have to say.

“Just stayed here for two weeks with a big group of family/friends. Rooms here are absolutely HUGE, really cool motifs with bright colors. Also, the rooms are kept very clean and are entirely serviced every day. The maid staff and front desk people are extremely friendly and able to help with any problem you have. Remember that a little bit of tipping goes a very long way and it’s not customary in this country, so even just a little change is VERY appreciated by the staff. We spent a lot of time on the beach, pool and numerous bars just taking in the beautiful landscape. If you are traveling near this part of the world, you should not miss this gem of a resort. top of the line quality and then some”

Lifestyle Holidays Vacations Club

Another Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Member states,

“It seems like there aren’t that many resorts that are just “doing it right” anymore, but man am I glad we stumbled upon Cofresi. They take service very seriously here and make sure that pretty much every need you have is fulfilled. Maids are continually refilling the mini-fridges for you with beer and water (the local Dominican beer is excellent, don’t be shy to try it) and the service at the restaurants is kinda admirable even when the place is pretty packed. Make sure you make reservations ahead of time though because the restaurants are trendy. The weather was fantastic when we went, never rained a drop, but they somehow still keep the grounds and shrubbery extraordinarily lush and healthy. Hats off to their maintenance people. I would recommend Cofresi to anyone.

5-star quality first class service

Lifestyle Holidays Vacations Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Cofresi Palms values their guests.

“This may seem like a primary tenant of resorts, but in this day and age, I wonder. I swear Cofresi’s hires the most excellent people, the employees here are genuinely friendly and are extremely helpful and smiling all of the time. Also, most of them are fluent in English, which let me tell you as a world traveler is a huge plus. The rooms are spacious and luxurious, and from what I’ve seen and heard there are no “bad” rooms, everything comes with a beautiful view. The food here is also excellent, great flavor and even the fantastic presentation by the chefs”.

Another Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club member states

“You can tell that the people here take pride in their work. Cofresi is one of the last good resorts that values attention to detail Easily my favorite vacation I am always a little skeptical about traveling to countries that are poverty stricken or have that “third world” reputation, but I must say that Cofresi breaks the mold. I first realized I was in for a treat when I got to the check-in and the wait wasn’t long (maybe 15 minutes at the most), and they apologized profusely and even offered me coupons for dinner. They treat you like royalty. So there you have it you can see what guest and members say about this resort and why lifestyle Holidays Vacations Club is considered the gold standard in the Dominican Republic.

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