Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club what could be better for getting away from the cold autumn weather, than a trip to the Dominican Republic with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club? The gorgeous cities of Puerto Plata and Punta Cana await your arrival, as you get to enjoy long stretches of white sand beaches, picturesque sunsets, and the atmosphere and culture of one of the unique places on Earth. Visiting with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club means that not only do you get access to fantastic amenities and, you also have the help of the outstanding customer support teams from LHVC. They’re trained to help answer any question you might have, and figure out how to make your vacation the best it can be.

Staying at a Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club gives you the LUXURY ALL-IN™ special. This all-inclusive plan lets you enjoy all of the restaurants, bars, and facilities at the resort of your choosing, along with a plethora of other great benefits. 7 V.IP. And 11 guest restaurants are yours to indulge in, as this is the perfect resort choice for any foodie or just someone who wants to try local Dominican favorites.
There are numerous activities for you to partake in if you decide to vacation with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. Great beaches, a nightclub, two entertainment centers, areas for basketball and other sports, as well as excursions like whitewater rafting. The choices are endless, and there is sure to be something you can enjoy, and have lifelong memories of. There are also plenty of activities to enjoy on-site if you want to keep your fun inside the resort.

If your goal on vacation is to relax and unwind, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has you covered. The Yin-Yang health and wellness spa is the perfect place to get rid of unneeded stress and find your inner self. Massages, spa treatments, manicures, pedicures, and every other service imaginable can be found here. Feel the tension melt away, and let your body get rid of harmful toxins. With the help of the trained masseuses, you can feel better than you have in years.

If all of this sounds amazing to you, don’t hesitate. Visit Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club now, or call (809) 970-7777 to get in touch with a representative and begin booking your ultimate vacation.
Make your dream vacation a reality, take a trip to the Dominican Republic with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

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